Is Points2Shop a Big Ripoff? A Review

The Internet has made it so much easier for us to acquire things we need and things we want, thanks to the e-commerce industry which made online shopping more than a mere possibility. With a single click of a mouse, you can easily purchase a product from one of those online shops, and you can expect your purchase delivered in a matter of days. Products sold online can sometimes be expensive; the good thing, though, is that you can basically buy things online for points, basically making them free purchases. If you are curious as to how this can be possible, look no more beyond the site Points2Shop.

Points2Shop, also known as P2S, is one of those sites that reward you points in exchange for certain activities that you complete in the site. While other such sites reward their users with points that can be exchanged for cash, Points2Shop rewards you with points that you can use to purchase a select product in the e-commerce giant Amazon.

You may have heard of Points2Shop from a friend, or more likely, from one of those ads that pop up all over the Web. If you are curious about this site and are looking to know more about it before you decide to try it out, then you’ve come to the right page. We will be reviewing Points2Shop and check it out to see whether or not it is worth your effort.

What Is Points2Shop?

Points2Shop, as we have mentioned earlier, is a rewards site that gives you points that you can use to purchase Amazon products in exchange for certain activities that you perform in the site. This includes completing surveys, playing games, and taking offers from the site’s sponsors.

The site is founded in 2007 by the site’s admins Littlerose and Matjong, as a fair and fun GPT—acronym for “get points to”—website.  The eponymous company behind this site currently employs between 11 to 50 people, and it is currently based in Alpharetta, GA. Having been around for about a decade now, P2S can easily boast to be among the largest provider of loyalty programs, and for a good reason. As per the site, P2S now has more than 200 million users from over 200 different countries worldwide. For this reason, Points2Shop attracts many advertisers that take advantage of the site’s huge userbase through market research via surveys, crowdsourcing, and overt advertisement to name a few.

How to Earn Points in Points2Shop

P2S lets you earn reward points in several different ways. The first way to earn points is by completing offers. “Offers” are basically tasks posted by the site’s advertisers for the users to complete. Offers usually come in the form of surveys, clicking links, or viewing ads. Offers are usually free and will not cost you anything, although there are also paid offers where you will be required to purchase something to complete. These are put in a category separate from free offers, so you will not need to be afraid of accidentally clicking on paid offers that you can’t get out of. Completing any of these offers is is perhaps the fastest way to make points, though there are more fun options.

You can also earn points—and in a fun way to boot—by playing games in the site. Games are fun as is, but what makes P2S games fun is that you basically gamble your points against other players. You and your opponents bet some points in a game, and if you win, you get the pot. This is a great way to earn large amounts of points, but then again, you don’t always get to win.

Another way to make big points is to join the site’s lottery. The lottery is held every week and goes up by $10 in a weekly basis, and you can avail of one free lottery ticket. This is a game of random chance where everyone has an equal chance of winning, however, so this is not exactly something you can depend on to earn points fast.

There are also monthly contests where you can earn up to $15 or 1,500 points. The contests can be anything, and all members can join in.

Lastly, you can also earn money by simply referring your friends to the site. You can advertise Points2Shop to your friends by sending them the referral link that you are provided upon joining. Every referral will earn you 50 points, so it will really help if you have a lot of friends and some convincing power.

As you can see, you will be rewarded a varying amount of points for the tasks that you complete in the site. Each point is worth $0.01 or a single cent in Amazon. As the activities usually reward small amounts of points, you will need to be a very active member of the site if you are looking to earn points fast and avail of the product that you want to trade for points. Furthermore, the amount of points you earn per task increases as you go up the honor levels. You can advance in honor level by completing certain tasks that the website provides you.

The good things about Points2Shop is the fact that there is no minimum amount of points required for you to redeem your reward. You can choose to trade in your points for an Amazon product even if you only have less than a single dollar’s worth, the only drawback for which is that you can’t avail of Amazon’s free shipping as per the e-commerce site’s policies. You can’t be spending too much points either, as there is virtually no limit to the amount of points that you can spend.

How to Join Points2Shop?

Joining P2S is very easy. You only need to complete the required information and verify your sign up via email. You don’t need to put in your credit card information and the like so it’s completely safe.

The Good and the Bad

Joining Points2Shop has some advantages and disadvantages. Such are as follows:


  • There is a great variety of offers.
  • Earning points can be fun.
  • Contests and games keep the site fresh and enjoyable.


  • The interface is really cluttered.
  • Just like in many survey sites, it’s very difficult to qualify for P2S surveys.
  • Some free offers may require your credit card information.

Points2Shop is a fun rewards site with a huge variety of offers and rather enjoyable features, and it’s definitely not going to rip you off of your hard earned money. You might find it hard to navigate your way through the site, however, but if you can get past that, then P2S is a GPT site that you might not want to pass up.

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