Convergys Review – Is This Work From Home Opportunity Legit?

Some people are worried about a few things when it comes to working at home, especially if the job is customer service. It can be a very stressful job if you are new to it and do not know what to expect. However, if you have the willingness to work in a reputable company such as convergys, then it can be a rewarding experience. It can help you grow not only professionally, but personally as well.

Another reason it is difficult for people to join the work at home labor force is that they are not sure whether it is legit. Compared to applying for a job personally, applying over the phone or Skype does not seem as legit or assuring. This review will tell you everything that you need to know to make it easy for you to find work online that is reliable and legit.

About the Call Center

Convergys has more than 85 offices in the US, Canada, and UK alone. This large and successful company also has many call centers all over the world. Many people associate their name with a trustworthy brand or service. Not only is the company successful with so many employees and accounts under its belt, but it is also award winning. Their headquarters is based in Cincinnati, and they have more than 70,000 workers who work from the comfort of their home.

How to Get Started?

The best place to apply is online, and all you have to do is go to their website. Simply update the location if the system has not correctly detected where you are from. You can start finding your career with them by choosing a job category or by keyword search. The great thing about this company is that you have a choice about the type of work you need. However, they are all required to provide customer service support.

Some positions are more focused on sales or providing technical assistance. You will be asked to identify which of these positions are most interesting to you during the application. Your qualifications and experience will be assessed as part of the evaluation process as well.

A member of the recruiting team of the company will reach out to you, after you submit your online application. The processing is really fast, so you do not have to worry about whether they received your application. Aside from your qualifications and experience, they will also test your PC and Internet speed. The results will be sent to your email. Although they are hiring, the recruiter will still discuss with you the job positions that are open during that time. If you want to start quickly and speed up your application, make it a point to check your voice messages and email frequently.

Requirements for Applying

Convergys does not require interested applicants to have customer service experience. Even though it is not important, it can boost your chances of getting hired. You also have to be a high school graduate to qualify. They will require you to be at least 18 years of age with a GED or a high school diploma.

This company is known for their prompt customer service, so it follows that you will need a computer with a stable and fast internet connection. Other equipment you need to secure is a wireless headset. A VoIP phone is also convenient, but it has to meet the internet speed connection test. If it does not check out in the first connection test, just take the test again until you pass.

At this time, this company is looking for agents in the US. It also hires workers from Canada and the UK, but not at this time. It pays to drop in on their site time and again to see if they have new jobs offered.

How Much Does It Pay?

It is difficult to assign an exact value for the amount you will get for your salary. People who are successfully hired sign non-disclosure agreements. What is sure is that the pay rate starts low, and it can range between $7 to $12 per hour. If you provide technical support, you will be paid more.

Agents from the U.S. receive payment for their work twice per month. Their money is deposited directly or through a payment card. Those in the UK, on one hand, will receive payment once a month.


The great thing about this type of work is the schedule is flexible. They offer a variety of different shifts. They have day, evening, and overnight shifts. Another type of arrangement they offer are full-time and part-time positions. You can work anywhere between 16 to 40 hours.

When you are hired, you will need to agree to a schedule. You will also be working at home, so it is really convenient. Aside from the schedule, this job still has many advantages to offer.


One of the advantages of working at home in the customer service department is that it saves you money for gas or parking because you do not have to commute or travel to work. You will be working from the comfort of your home, so you do not have to worry about getting dressed up for work. The work environment is ideal, and you also have an opportunity to advance professionally.

Another advantage is the training you will receive, because it is paid. They also offer benefits to their employees who work at home. This company offers, paid time off, medical insurance, and life insurance on top of the paid training.

There are also some downsides such as the level of stress you might encounter, and the work can be routine after some time. However, if you manage your schedule well and continue to see the challenges, then this type of work will be fulfilling for you. It would become a career where you can grow personally and professionally. Overall, this type of work with this reliable company is legit and is perfect for those who want a lucrative job they can do at home.

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