e-Rewards Review: Is It a Scam?

The Internet is a vast place, and if you are looking for a way to make money from it, expect your search to take you places. More often than not, it will take you to deceptive sites that will take more from you than what you should be receiving, as well as fake ones that will do you no good at all. Sometimes, though, your Google searches will take you to websites where you can actually earn money. One of these sites is e-Rewards Opinion Panel, and seeing that you have arrived to this blog, you may have come across this well-known survey site yourself.

You may have encountered e-Rewards in one of your Google searches, in your email, or through some web advertisement that somehow made its way to the sites you visit. Naturally, you look up what e-Rewards is all about, and whether or not it is legit. Well, wonder no more as you have come to the right page. Here, we will discuss all you need to know about e-Rewards, as well as whether or not it is worth adding that site to the options through which you can make money from home.

So What Exactly Is This e-Rewards Thing?

As we have mentioned earlier, and as you are probably aware of at this point, eRewards is an online survey site or, as Wikipedia fancily puts it, an online sampling and data collection company. The site rewards you with a small amount of money for every survey that you have completed. If you are advised by someone that you can make money by merely answering surveys, and if you are looking for such an opportunity in the World Wide Web, chances are that e-Rewards is one of the first things that will come up in your search results.

eRewards, now formally going by the name Research Now, is founded in 1999 by two enterprising individuals Hal Brierly and Mort Meyerson. It is based in Plano, TX, a favorite location of MLM companies and food supplement businesses, many of which are shady enterprises—this fact alone should raise a few red flags.

Is e-Rewards a Scam?

This leads us to another question: Is eRewards legit as it claims to be? Well, let’s start off by analyzing just how eRewards work. The whole gist of it is that once you have signed up to the site, you are given the opportunity to complete surveys and, in return, receive cash as a reward. The promised reward is not that big, for starters; $0.25 per survey is not exactly a big compensation, which should be something that one ought to expect from survey websites.

One can only join e-Rewards through email invitations from the site’s partners. Clicking the referral link provided in the email will lead you to a sign up form that you will have to fill up. Complete the form and voila! You are now eligible to answer eRewards surveys and make money. As the invitation often comes in the form of unsolicited—or unintentionally solicited—email, one can’t help but have doubts regarding the legitimacy of this company.

The thing, however, is that eRewards actually give out surveys, and if you manage to earn the payout minimum of $60, the site actually delivers the promised reward. When it says something and then delivers on its promises provided that you have satisfied its conditions, it should be legit, no?

Is It Worth Signing Up To e-Rewards, Then?

While e-Rewards surely is not a scam, signing up to it to answer surveys and make money is still something that’s worth thinking over. There could be better opportunities out there, couldn’t it? Still, how could making money by answering surveys be bad?

It turns out, however, that you might as well look somewhere else if you want to make money online. e-Rewards, while a well-established website, is plagued with various issues and sports some shifty designs in its present state. First off, you will be receiving your rewards in the least secure way possible, as they don’t allow for payment by check, PayPal, or Visa. They only give out gift cards, physically and electronically. Furthermore, the site will require mobile and/or landline verification to supposedly secure your account, if you are to claim your rewards. Requiring you to give a stranger your home phone number for $60 or so may certainly let them know that it really is you that will receive the reward, but you may be compromising your own privacy in the process.

Speaking of rewards, the promised reward is a little misleading. You can only take a $25 gift card from your $60 minimum payout. Without going through the numbers and some crude math, one can easily conclude that e-Rewards is holding back on the information, and will not readily give you the full amount that you have earned from the surveys that you have completed.

While we can conclude this review right here, right now, with a negative bottomline, it appears that a lot of reviewers and former users have already done the job for us. e-Rewards is an established company, and it will be very easy for you to find reviews of the site with a simple Google search. The result, unsurprisingly, is overwhelmingly negative. Many former users report not having received their rewards, failed to qualify for rewards after completing a long screening process disguised as a survey, or simply failed to get help from the company’s customer support even after several frustrating attempts. On the technical side, users have also been complaining about surveys freezing upon completion, mysteriously deactivated accounts, failures in the phone verification system that prevented them from receiving their rewards, and more.

Now if you are in doubt about this, you should go check out eReward’s Better Business Bureau profile. The site is rated D+ in BBB, which should be telling enough.

e-Rewards may or may not be a rip off, but it certainly is not in great shape as of late. The technical glitches plaguing the site, the oft unhelpful customer support, and all those suspicious and deceptive surveys posted easily enough puts the site at the bottom of our list of online money-making opportunities. In other words, eRewards is no longer the decent survey site it used to be, and should best be avoided.

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