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Origami Owl Review – Is It Legit?

The reason that you found this review is that you have been looking for online information about Origami Owl. You might be interested in what it has to offer, but most of the reviews that you have found so far are not providing you with what you need to know about it. You might have also found some biased reviews. If you are looking for a smart and legit way to make money from home, then this review will provide you with what you need to know about the company such as how it started and the business opportunity they offer.

Other reviews focus on the products more. However, it is just as important to understand what the company is about. That is why you are on the right track to look for information about Origami Owl as a whole enterprise. There have been mixed reviews for this company, but the only way to decide if it is something that you are looking for is learn about it first.

What is Origami Owl?

Origami Owl is a company that focuses on buying and selling jewelry that are customized. It is still new to the network marketing and direct sales industry. Even though it has not been around for a long time, it has been gathering a lot of buzz.

It is similar to other multilevel marketing companies because its independent designers host Jewelry Bars, which is what they call home parties. Origami Owl claims to have thousands of designers, which makes home parties an ideal and smart marketing strategy. It is because the customers will be given the chance to be able to look at the jewelry closely. There is a big difference between when you are shopping online and when you are considering the purchase of an item in person. You will be able to make a more confident decision about what is offered, which could either be a business opportunity or a product.

Origami Owl was founded in 2010, and its founder is Isabella Weems, who started building the business when she was 14. The company was able to make a whopping $250 million in profits as well as score a B+ with the Better Business Bureau, which is very impressive for a company that is recent. It is based in Chandler, Arizona.

The customer experience has been positive so far, but there has been one regular complaint. It can be a real hassle for people to return or exchange items. Some of the issues that arose from the company are less than satisfactory customer service and low quality products. However, the company also rushes to solve the problems the best and fastest way they can.

What are The Products Offered by Origami Owl?

There is a wide range of products offered by Origami Owl. They have lockets, charms, plates, dangles, and chains. They not only offer regular jewelry, but they offer customized and special jewelry that you will not find easily in other markets.

The products that a network marketing company offers says a lot about how it will do in the future and how successful it is. Origami Owl is successful so far because its products have a definite edge over other companies in the same jewelry or accessories niche. They offer a much more personal experience that is why customers feel involved in the process of creating the jewelry and not simply shopping for it.

You can use Origami Owl in two ways. The first method is to become a consumer and buy products from the company directly. The next method is to become a distributor or independent designer, which give you a way to sell products at retail. You can have Jewelry Bars or home parties to earn profit through the sales you make from the product.

If you become a part of the company as an independent designer then you can recruit more independent designers. They become a part of your down line. After that, you have another way to earn commissions from the independent designers that you enrolled. If you are interested to be a part of the company by becoming an independent designer not only do you have to host home parties, but you also have to plan your budget because there is a one time fee of $149 for new members.

Where is the Business Opportunity in Origami Owl?

The business opportunity offered by Origami Owl is similar to most MLM companies because you will also earn a commission for enrolling or recruiting independent designers. You will make a higher commission, 50% to be exact on charms, dangles, and plates. For everything else, you will earn 30%. All you need to do is sign up with the company, pay the one-time fee, wait for your kit, and you can start profiting from the products.

The payment is also legit and reliable like the company. You will be paid for the commissions that you make weekly, and you can expect it every Friday. This means that it is one of the companies that you do not have to worry about wasting your time or effort.

The compensation plan that they offer is easy to understand overall and better than what other MLM companies offer. Compensations plans can get confusing, but Origami Owl explains each aspect of their plan clearly. However, there are also other companies that offer more commissions.

The Final Verdict on Origami Owl

The company is not a fraud overall because both their compensation plan and payment system are easy to understand and reliable. Even though they might have had some issues with returning or exchanging items, the important thing to consider is that they have dealt with those concerns swiftly.

Moreover, the products are unique and easy to customize, which gives the company a definite edge that will lead to their continued success. It has already raked in a lot of profits since it was founded. It is legit and will continue to expand as a business.

If you become an independent designer, you will have to host several home parties. This could be an advantage or disadvantage because you also have to recruit more independent designers from the Jewelry Bars if you want to see an increase in commissions. This is not something people are particularly excited about.

That is why you can check out other options online. There are other jobs that allow you to work at home and business opportunities that do not involve recruiting. If you found this review helpful and you also want a better offer compared to this, simply click the following link. https://simplyworkathome.com/recommended


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