Is Neobux Yet Another GPT Scam?

Looking for an opportunity that can make you money on the Internet is like fishing on a lake. Often, you get small fry; sometimes, you get a big, fat money maker; and there are also times where you hook trash. Fortunately, unlike in real life angling, if you are actively seeking for ways to make money online, you don’t need to fear finding nothing at all. There is always a fish in every nook and cranny of the Internet, metaphorically speaking, and you only need to snag one that suits you best and be of actual opportunity to you. One of these money making “fishes” that you are likely to come across is the “get paid to” site Neobux.

Neobux is quite a popular get paid to site, being an established get paid to service that has been around since 2008, as well as their varied ways to reward their users. You may have already heard of these get paid to sites, where users simply have to complete certain tasks in the site for points that can be traded in for cash. However, you may have also heard of get paid to sites that basically rip their users off with sneaky credit card stealing schemes, or those that are basically digital Ponzi scams. In any case, you are here to know more about Neobux, and whether or not you should invest your time and effort on this site. We will review Neobux in this blog, for that matter, and we’ll certainly try not to disappoint.

So What’s This Neobux Thing?

Neobux, as mentioned in the earlier paragraphs, is a get paid to site. The mechanics of making money in these so-called get paid to sites is simple: the site offers tasks for you to do, you complete them, and you are rewarded an amount of points appropriate to the task that you are asked to accomplish. Once you have accumulated the minimum amount of points required for you to be able to cash out, only then will you get paid, usually in direct deposits, checks, gift cards, or other rewards.

Neobux is not so different in this regard. The site will provide its users tasks that will prompt them to view ads from Neobux’s clients. The users are then rewarded with points after each task is completed. Unlike most get paid to sites, however, Neobux allows you to cash your points out at any time. The money will be sent to a payment processor of your choice, which can be Neteller, PayPal, Payza, or Skirll. You can then withdraw the money from these payment processors to your bank account.

How Do You Make Money In Neobux?

In Neobux, you get paid in points called “coins.” The site offers several tasks through which you can earn coins. Such are as follows:

View advertisements. Neobux is an advertising platform first, and a site to earn money from second. The site’s third party clients pay Neobux to show their ads to their users, who in turn are given incentive to view them in the form of coins. As such, expect the site to have more ad viewing tasks than pretty much anything else.

AdPrize. This is Neobux’s very own version of the usual sweepstakes that has almost certainly become a common feature in get paid to sites. You will get three chances to play AdPrize for every advertisement that you have viewed. Playing will not cost you anything, and you can win up to $90 worth of points. This is essentially not gambling but is a game of chance, regardless, and this can be your fastest way to earn coins.

Doing CrowdFlower tasks. CrowdFlower is a crowdsourcing and microtasking company which pays users a small amount for small tasks. Neobux acts as one of CrowdFlower’s many crowdsourcing channels. CrowdFlower tasks in Neobux vary, but expect them to be easy and very brief. Working on these tasks can pretty much be considered an online job, and this is not something that you’ll always see in get paid to sites.

Answering Pollfish surveys. The ever-present online surveys is also another way to earn money in Neobux, and here it is brought by the online web survey platform Pollfish. The surveys are usually brief, and promise $0.24 worth of coins as reward for every survey completion.

Referrals. People that you have invited into the site using your referral link can generate some points for you in a daily basis. Increasing your referrals is thus the profitable way to go, but doing so via invitations is a slow ordeal. As such, Neobux allows you to rent unreferred users as referrals for a small monthly fee. The cost is at its highest at the first month, and you will get a discount of up to 30% the longer you maintain your referrals. You can also get a consistent 15% discount if you decide to rent your referrals indefinitely by paying on an automatic payment basis.

The Good and Not So Good About Neobux

So what’s so great about Neobux, and what downsides should you expect if you decide to embark on this get paid to journey? Well consider the following pros and cons.


  • There are several options to earn coins.
  • The ads are varied, some of which might even interest you.
  • AdPrize is a pretty cool feature.
  • The surveys, while low-paying, are brief and are no time-wasters.


  • Neobux is a very slow earner; the amount of time you’d spend in the site is badly disproportionate to the points you are earning.
  • There is a limit on the number of direct (invited) referrals.
  • Some rented referrals are inactive, and may even be bots.

Is Neobux A Scam?

Right off the bat, we’ll tell you that Neobux most definitely is not a scam or one of those get paid to sites that will rip you off. Neobux does pay and your account is safe so long as you stick to the rules—no magically deactivated accounts like in other get paid tos or whatsoever. Furthermore, the fact that the site has been around for nearly a decade now says a lot.

Neobux is a legitimate get paid to site, and offers a variety of ways for you to earn money. Like any other sites of its kind, however, it is a slow earner, and should not be treated as a primary way to earn an online income. It works best as a side earner that you should only work on in your spare time.

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