4Life Review – How does it Work?

If you are looking for an honest review about the company called 4Life because you are looking for more details that will help you  make the right decision in joining, then you have found the best place to start learning about it. Some people simply act on or pursue a business opportunity without doing their own research. You are on the right track in finding out if what this company offers are for you.

This company has received mixed reviews. Some people who have made money from it have more reason to promote it. However, those who have not earned a good amount of commission from it, feel that the company needs to improve many things. This review will provide you key information about the company, its product line,  compensation plan, and what you should do to be successful with it.

What is 4Life?

Health and wellness is one of the most popular niches in the network marketing industry, and 4Life is one of the biggest names in the market. This company was founded by Bianca and David Lisonbee. It was found in 1998 and it was introduced to the marketplace because it aims to support and improve people’s immune systems with its main offering, which is health supplements.

This company has a very interesting vision that appeals to a lot of people. 4Life wants to help you create a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time, have a reliable source of income that can assist you on your way to financial freedom. Aside from an excellent management team and leaders at the helm, they also have another thing to be proud of. 4Life has a group of world class experts that mainly focuses on working towards better products for the immune system.

You can tell right away that their products are well received and popular because what they offer is available not just in the US, but also in over 50 countries. That means that the company also has quite an impressive number of distributors all over the world. 4life has over 100,000 distributors now and it is still growing. Aside from the massive support from the distributors worldwide, this MLM company also has the support of very influential people. Celebrity athletes and Olympians endorse some of the product lines of the company particularly 4Life Transfer Factor.

4Life believes in working with people, so that many can  experience a healthier way of life and experience a rewarding life. It is a company that wants you to find personal success and help others succeed at the same time. With the product line that is offered, they have continued to be successful.

What are 4Life Products?

Even though 4Life already has popular products that are available in the market, the leading team of doctors, researchers, and scientists continue to improve the product line. They work around the clock to find health solutions to improve the immune system and help people live healthier lives.

Their flagship product is called 4Life Transfer factor. It is a great product that does wonders for the immune system , and it has improved the performance of many athletes all over the world. It has allowed their talents and abilities to reach new heights. This product is just one of the many offers that provide an excellent job of improving the condition of the human body and delivering on its claims. The other products they offer is 4Life Tri-Factor Formulas, Foundation of Life, Enummi Personal Care, Animal health for life, ShapreRite by 4Life Healthy lifestyle packs, Fortify meal pack.

How Does 4Life Work?

In order to truly understand the compensation plan offered by 4Life, you have to learn how to start a business with 4Life. The process is very simple and easy. Once you have decided to join the company, the next thing that you have to do is buy a pack for members or what is called a “Distributor Kit.” This kit will cost you $40, which will also stand as your payment for a one year subscription. After paying this subscription fee, you will have access to many benefits, such as bonus and compensation in the commission plan, wholesale pricing, access to contests and promotions, and company training. You will also be able to advance your rank by sponsoring other members, and earn profit rewards.

Because the name of the company is 4Life, you can also choose from four enrollment types as a distributor. That is why many people are interested to join the company because not only does it offer promising products, but it also offers many options. You can choose from Diamond 4life, Leadership 4life, Associate, and Preferred Customer. The first three programs need you to buy a compass system that is worth $29.95.

If you enroll in Diamond 4Life, you need to maintain a 100 LP monthly auto ship. You also need to order 400 LP minimum, which means you need to order $515.95. With Leadership 4Life, you have to keep a monthly auto ship of 100 LP and your first order needs to be 100 LP. The Associate enrollment type has no requirements in your first order, just a monthly auto ship of 50 LP. If you want an enrollment type with no requirements, go with Preferred Customer.

After you have enrolled with 4Life, it is time to take a look at their Compensation Plan, which they call Life Reward Plan. Unlike other companies, you do not have to reach too many levels to see results. After just seven levels as a distributor and a lot of effort promoting the product, you will also step up your ranking.

What is the Compensation Plan of 4Life?

4Life’s compensation plan has one of the highest payouts because you can expect 64% on their LP or Life Point. This MLM company also pays out four times a month, which is a deal that many people are interested to have. Those who say the opposite about 4Life, about how it is not worth joining, did not have the right set of expectations not just with the company but also with most MLM business opportunity. When you are not willing to train or pick up new skills to boost your chances of being successful in this work at home opportunity, it would benefit you to check out other offers that are much better. If you found this review helpful and you are interested in a better option, simply click the following link. https://simplyworkathome.com/recommended


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