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Shop Your Way Review – How Does It Work?

There is a particular eCommerce program called shop your way that has been receiving a lot of buzz lately. It was just made available in the market place and a lot of people want to know about it. This review will provide what you need to know to help you decide if it is what you are looking for.

The Program

You can think of this new business opportunity as a company, but it is more of a program. It was launched by Ann Sieg, a successful network marketer. Her leadership skills come from decades of working in the business, which also says a lot about the program many people are interested in. You might not have been able to secure a spot some time ago since this program only had limited spots. It was only recently that the spots have been opened every month for new members to join.

However, the founder of the eCommerce program is not too focused on eCommerce but rather on network marketing. This program is all about Amazon Local Retail Arbitrage. How it works is very simple because all you have to do is to visit your local store. You need the Amazon app, so you can scan items and see how much they are on Amazon. The next thing you need to do is compare the prices, and if the price at your local store is less than the one offered in Amazon, you purchase those items from the store.

After that, you will send them out to Amazon into a package. When you send items in high volume to Amazon, they will handle the item, ship it, and take care of the customer service for you. By doing all this including the return, it is considered as Fulfillment.

Many people find the process easy enough and interesting as well. If you join the program, you will discover how the whole process successfully and list items on Amazon properly. However, with most training programs you will be the one who pays for what you have learned or the new skills you have acquired.

The price for the training is no joke because it is worth 2000 USD. For those who are serious about earning income with this program, then this price might be considered an investment. However, this price is too steep for most people, especially for an arbitrage course.

The price is something that could make people think twice about fully committing to the program. It is a good offer, but the price can discourage many. Another thing is that there are plenty of courses that are also available in the market, not just this one. They are also just as good in teaching interested marketers how to sell on Amazon the right way.

The Competition

They do not necessarily cost less. There is one Amazon Local Retail Arbitrage course called Amazon Selling Machine. It also teaches people how to find items from wholesalers or stores and then send them into Amazon as a package. The price is $3997, which is almost double the price of the training that the program offers.

The difference between Amazon Local Retail Arbitrage course and Amazon Selling Machine is that the latter has bigger profit margins. However, it takes longer to get started and there are more risks involved if you use what you learn from the training. Another option is a program called DS Domination. The advantage of this program to learn how to make money on Amazon is that it has multiple programs built in. The disadvantage is that it costs around $2250.

Putting the price aside, there are more advantages to DS Domination. You get a ton of value for the money. If ever you decide to invest in DS Domination, you will learn plenty of things. On the eBay side, you will find out how to use a tracking and management tool that monitors of sites of suppliers for any changes in price. You will also have access to a listing tool for eBay for 30 second listings, and auto-Ordering that orders items when your eBay item is sold. It means that your drop shipping will be automated.

For bonanza, you will have access to a listing tool and integration that is coming soon. You will also learn how to rank on Google. With Amazon, you will learn to drop Ship items using wholesale suppliers on top of your Amazon local arbitrage training. You will also learn how to rank, so that your listings will land on the first page of Amazon.

New features are being added and one of them is a re-pricer tool in the buy box. You can also look forward to a tracking tool. It helps you manage and monitor wholesalers when you use Amazon.

In this training, you can sell on several platforms like eBay and Bonanza. You will not be stuck with Amazon Local Retail Arbitrage. If you invest in this course, you will have the necessary tools to run a proper business.

The program, called shop your way is a smart way to earn, but the $2000 cost will not easily convince new and experienced marketers. They could choose much smarter ways to earn. If they chose DS Domination, they will pick up a wide range of skills that is applicable in the eCommerce world and not just in one platform.


The training for Amazon Local Retail Arbitrage is good for beginners. However, the price is not convincing enough to get new members to join. That is why you need to consider other options. Keep in mind that DS Domination has step by step training. In the local arbitrage training, they go live in a store and show you how to find items easily. It is a good start, but you should change your strategy soon after. If you found this review helpful, and you are interested in a work at home offer or business opportunity with the best training, simply click on the following link. Find out if what they offer is what you are looking for.


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