Nerium Reviews

Nerium Reviews –  Is It Legit?

If most of the nerium reviews online did not provide you with what you need to know, then this review is where your search ends. Nerium is a part of a skincare industry that is competitive because there is a high demand for it. Both men and women just cannot get enough of new products that can lead to better looking skin.

You might have looked up Nerium and found both negative and positive reviews linked to it. That is where it can get difficult to find out whether the products they offer is legit. Another thing you need to consider is if it is a reputable company that will allow you to work from home. If you are not sure if it is the offer you are looking for, this review will help you make that decision.

The Company

A man named Jeff Olson, co-founded the company. He has been in the industry of direct selling for more than 15 years in a row and he has built a reputation for himself. He also has written a bestselling book called “The Slight Edge”. It contains a lot of things he knows about network marketing. As a result, the network marketing industry jumped in the promotion of the book because of its nature.

The Nerium company is quite new since it has been launched only a few years ago. However, the crew and staff behind the skincare team has 150 years of experience of direct sales overall. That is why Nerium has one of the strongest foundations when it comes to leadership.

Some of the Nerium reviews online also cover this, but some do not. A handful of reviews has compared the skincare line to fads that will waste your investment. However, MLM will always have its set of risks. Nerium is no exception and most of the negative opinions come from there.

The Products

Having great products is one of the important parts of network marketing. The MLM company that you are interested in should have unique products, and they should deliver on the claims that the company pitches to its clients.

Many reviews will tell you that the Nerium skin care product lines work, and they actually do. However, there is another important thing to consider when it comes to how it works. Even though it is effective, the creams and products do not work like other creams that provide nutrition in your skin and making it healthier. It causes some slight swelling. When the inflammation hits your skin, your wrinkles or uneven skin tone will look like they are disappearing. That is why the improvement is noticeable.

The company uses an herb called “oleander” in all its products, and it is highly unsafe. It can kill humans in concentrated quantities. It is not just some parts that are toxic. The leaves, roots, flowers, and the bark of the plant are equally poisonous and not safe for use in any product.

Even the gas that comes from burning the plant is also harmful if inhaled. Although all Nerium products contain this plant, it has been diluted in a special ingredient. That is why the products in the skin care line will not kill you.

Business Opportunity

The Nerium MLM company has paid its members over $100 million in commissions. It has made more than $400 million as of 2014. Because of its roaring success, Nerium international reached the top 100 MLM companies. For a new company, they are doing very well because they were the first ever to make it to the list. What the company has achieved as a whole is great. Without the type of leadership that they have, they will not get to where they are now.

Starting Costs

Like many MLM companies, the costs of the products are steep. However, it is a legit investment that can give you high commissions. Nerium offers two packs that you can choose from. One business pack costs $499, which has 4 bottles of Nerium age defying night cream and 4 bottles of Nerium Day Cream.

The other business pack they offer is worth $999. It includes 10 bottles of Nerium, 2 tubes of Nerium Firm, and 10 bottles of Nerium Day Cream. These business packs are what you have to buy if you want to be a part of the company as a distributor.

The Compensation Plan

Nerium offers a solid compensation plan. It provides you the best deals if you help them sponsor members. If you help sponsor the first 3 people, then you will be getting a 10% check match. Helping the members and getting compensation or rewards does not end there.

If you also help the first 3 sponsored members sponsor 3 other people, then you get an iPad. When your first 3 sponsored members get an iPad using your help, you will get a Lexus car bonus. The reward that many people want is a $50,000 bonus plus a full time residual income. You can earn this by helping 12 people get a Lexus car bonus.

Causes of Negative Nerium Reviews

Most people have expected that Nerium international would make them rich overnight. Many MLM companies, and not just the Nerium skin care line, have received these types of reviews. That is why beliefs about joining MLM companies need to be challenged and changed.

Another reason that people give Nerium negative reviews is because of what the products contain. Many people have experienced allergies when they use the product. If a topical cream or product is made from a toxic plant, whoever uses it will experience some issues despite the measures the company took to make it safe. However, it is quite common for a lot of people to have allergic reactions to new products that they have not tried before.

Overall, this skincare and MLM company is a legit business and not a scam. It has been doing well with a great management team running it. However, if your strength is not recruiting people, you also need to consider whether this type of work from home opportunity is for you. You can try learning the skills needed to be successful in this type of work. You will get training done step by step if you decide to join this business.

You can also look for another type of online jobs because there are plenty of opportunities out there. If you found this review helpful, and if you are interested to learn about a more legit and high paying business from home, simply click the following link. Check out what it offers because it could be the work at home opportunity that you are looking for.


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