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Xerox Careers: Is it a Scam or Are They Worth Trying?

All these years, all I knew about Xerox is that it is a huge company who produces photo copying machines, paper and other photo copying materials. I never knew they offer a lot of xerox careers, way more than I expect them to need.

Xerox is an American corporation whose forte is on document solutions and services, and document technology products. Xerox is a global company and they offer their services to more than 160 countries. Xerox is more than just photo copy machines and paper products. They are a very innovative company who also thrives to grow their company in a more futuristic manner. They have research facilities and they celebrate and embrace new ideas.

Xerox also maintains a joint venture with Fuji Xerox. Fuji (Fuji Photo Film Co.) is a Japanese photographic firm that develops, produce and sell in Asia. Fuji owns majority of the stock in Xerox, they own 75% of the stocks in Xerox.

Xerox also has their own research center which they call Rank Xerox Research Center – which was then renamed to Xerox Research Center Europe. They also have Palo Alto Research Center, also known as PARC, which focuses developing (then) modern computing technologies like Graphic User Interface (GUI), laser printing, WYSIWYG text editors and Ethernet. They also built a small minicomputer in PARC which is quite similar to a modern personal computer. Their machine may be considered the real first true Personal Computer because of its cathode-ray-type screen, mouse-type pointing device and a QWERTY-type alphanumeric keyboard.

However, they did not sell their minicomputers commercially, for they did not see its sales’ potential, instead they installed and used it on their own offices in Xerox worldwide and also those in the US Military and government who saw their invention’s potential.

Career Opportunities with Xerox

Xerox company offers job positions to a numerous gamut of fields.  They even offer work from home xerox careers. Xerox offers a lot of work from home opportunities. However, these opportunities are not permanent so they tend to appear and then disappear. You have to check their careers page since it changes frequently.

You can opt and find xerox career, the work from home ones, at the careers page of their website. You can use their search bar for more specifically filtered search by typing “work from home” or “IT services and business process” on the search bar. You can also use the advance search on the options section find specific virtual positions.

Xerox careers are not entirely 100 percent home-based. You should be careful in reading the listings, for some listings require you to have an on-site training before becoming home-based. However, a lot of their career opportunities appear to be entirely home-based.

Some xerox career opportunities are location-based. Again, these type of job listings are listed as such, so all you have to do is to be vigilant when applying for a listing. Read each listing’s description carefully to know if they are location based. Usually you see a location beside after the job title. Location-based job listings mention that you have to be residing within the vicinity of a specific state or city before your application is welcomed to that job description.  However, it is still very important to really read the listing’s description to its full information or if you still don’t fully understand the description, you can always email and ask the company.

Employment Benefits

Xerox job offers are for employee position only. They do not hire independent contractors unlike Upwork and online companies and websites out there. Xerox also gives amazing benefits and covers a lot for their employees like paid holidays, health care, life insurance, retirement savings plans, employee assistance programs, and resources for childcare and eldercare.

They give all these amazing benefits because Xerox believes that when their employees’ individual needs are tended to, the better they perform their jobs. They believe that work and life balance is very important to every people’s life. This is the reason why Xerox is a best choice for your next employer. They see their employees as assets to their company, they believe that their success and growth are because of their employee’s hardwork, and every company’s asset should be always taken cared of.

Their rate depends on the job position you are assigned in. For example, their customer service representative position has a pay rate of $10 to $10.50 per hour, which is pretty much fair and decent to me. Xerox gives career opportunities to a lot of people worldwide. Although their work from home based job positions are only available for US based people, they have offices around the world with over 140,000 employees on over 160 countries.

So if you are not US based but still opt for a home based xerox career, keep your eyes on their career page because we will never know when they will start offering work from home job positions in your location. Their career page is pretty easy to navigate through, you can search for jobs in your position in a jiffy.

How is the job environment in a Xerox company, you say?

Most of their employees have positive feedbacks about their work environment in this company. They have also invited people to work for their company (and this is not because they get a referral fee or something because they don’t) because they want to share to other people how awesome and amazing the company they are working for is.

If you wish to apply and join the Xerox company, you may go to their website and into their Xerox Career page. You may first select the first option and then type “work from home” to their keyword or search box and then select the option “Virtual”.

You may also check Xerox career opportunities on FlexJobs. This is a fee-based job search website in which you will find tons of job opportunities, not just in Xerox. They charge $15 a month which is not bad because their website is guaranteed to be scam free. All job openings and job opportunities found in their website are guaranteed to be scam free.

Did you learn something about the company Xerox and their career opportunities?  If you want to learn more and learn about the best offers available online simply follow this link:

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