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Is Team National Yet Another Scam?

Multilevel marketing or MLM is one of the hottest ways to make money today, and MLM companies sure are great at making a buzz in this regard. While their products are sometimes circulating in mainstream markets, the companies themselves are mostly popular to folks who are looking for alternative ways to make money. One of these MLM companies is Team National, and if you have just heard of this well-established multilevel marketing business, it’s completely understandable. You may have known of this company through one of their representatives, through one of those online ads, or maybe some other means. In any case, it’s safe to assume that you want to know more about Team National, hence you’ve stumbled into this blog.

Just What Is Team National?

Team National is a membership company that aims to provide its members with savings through various products as well as services from no less than 20 industries. To be short, the company is basically a savings club, and their core product is membership to it. Team National has been around for quite a while now, at roughly 20 years. It was founded in 1997 by entrepreneur Dick Loehr as a direct savings membership company. The company operates in the United States, with Loehr’s daughter, Angela Loehr-Chrysler as its CEO.

As a savings membership business, the company enjoys mixed reviews that are leaning nicely to the positive side from all over the Internet. It also helps that it is well accredited with renowned organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Direct Selling Association (DSA), and the US Chamber of Commerce. This simply means that Team National is a legitimate business known to deliver quality service to its members.

That is something that we are not going to delve deep into, however. Rather, we will look into the company’s multilevel marketing aspect. In the following paragraphs, we will see just how Team National fares in the MLM field, and whether or not it is worth investing your effort, money, and time into.

First Off: Is Team National’s MLM Opportunity a Ripoff?

Team National has an MLM structure that starkly resembles a pyramid, and what else do we associate with pyramidal networks other than pyramid scams? Pyramid scams, essentially, are just well-organized Ponzi schemes. These scams ask new members for money as an “investment,” which then goes to the upline and feeds the members right above them in the hierarchy. The members basically earn by recruiting people, and their recruits will earn likewise. The cycle keeps going until the recruiting drive dies a natural death.

Team National, on the other hand, sells a savings club membership, which serves as its source of revenue, rather than investments made by distributors. What’s more is that Team National focuses more on selling the product than growing their network, whereas many other MLM companies seem to work more on hiring more distributors to the point that their supposed product appear to be no more than a front for the pyramid.

That said, the multilevel marketing opportunity offered by Team National is legitimate, and if all the above facts are not enough to convince you, keep in mind that the positive reviews from BBB, DEA, and the US Chamber of Commerce shows not only the general experience received by the company’s clients. This reflects the company’s legitimacy in the MLM side of the business as well.

How to Join Team National’s MLM Network?

You don’t exactly just join Team National’s multilevel marketing network as much as you actually apply to be a distributor. The process involves requesting for a representative to contact you via phone. Getting that phone call or email will not take long after you have made your request, however, so it’s not exactly that bad. There appears to be no restrictions for joining, or whatsoever; you only need to be at least 18 years of age in order to qualify.

How Do You Make Money from Team National?

After joining, you will be offered a savings package called “Your Road to Savings,” which is practically a package of discounts for a wide variety of products and services. This package will cost you anywhere from $400 if you wish to go for two years worth of discount packages, or $2,000 if you wish to go for a lifetime’s worth of the same. Regardless of the option you have gone with, you will be encouraged by the company to sell the package to your acquaintances, typically your friends and family. This will create your very own downline, the members of which will purchase discount packages and sell them to the people they know, and so on and so forth.

Here’s the catch, though: selling to a warm market, i. e. family and friends, may get you some immediate commissions, but they are not guaranteed to stick around for the long term. If you enjoy having a volatile downline that’s not as interested as you in the business, then you should do as Team National encourages you to and sell to your warm market. Furthermore, with a bit of scrutiny, this appears to be a way for the company to sell discount packages as much as it is an MLM opportunity.

Now that all’s said and done, let’s get into the good and bad with Team National’s multilevel marketing opportunity.

The Pros

  • Team National is well connected with reputable names across various industries, so expect .
  • The binary matrix allows distributors to earn a sizable commission from every discount package.

The Cons

  • The $400 and $2,000 membership options is not cheap.
  • Transparency is not Team National’s strong suit. We could have provided a detailed explanation of the membership and the compensation plan if this is not the case.
  • With some extra effort, you can find good deals and save money without having to purchase a Team National discount package.

Team National is a legitimate business, and a legitimate way to make money all the same. Furthermore, it offers a reasonable compensation for the effort you invest in the business, provided that you are able to find a better market than the warm market that Team National encourages you to sell to.

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Scam or Not: A Review of Send Out Cards

One of the many money making opportunities that we can come across online involve multilevel marketing or MLM. This, as most of us already know, is a business model where a company makes money by selling products through a network of direct sellers, who are then incentivized to recruit more sellers into the network to swell up their ranks. Each MLM company sells a different product, ranging from digital content to the all too familiar supplements. Now one MLM business that caught our attention recently has a rather unique offer. This company has a rather straightforward name Send Out Cards, and they sell, well, cards that you can send out to someone on a certain occasion.

In this article, we will be reviewing Send Out Cards. We will look into this company, how it pays out, and whether or not the effort you put in is worth the compensation they offer. If you are interested in this company and would like to know more about it, then, do be sure to read on.

What Is Send Out Cards?

Send Out Cards is a multilevel marketing company that claims to pay you simply for being nice to people. That is an oversimplification of running a card sending service where you earn commissions from selling the company’s card products. As an MLM company, Send Out Cards will be encouraging you to recruit other distributors. As you recruit more distributors and as your distributors recruit their own distributors, you go up several notches up the company’s network hierarchy, and thus receive bonuses on top of your commissions.

Now here’s a little background on the company. Send Out Cards was created in 2003 by the company’s founder and CEO Kody Bateman. It is based in Salt Lake City, UT, and currently has 71 employees. The company claims to have sold over 100 million cards since its founding.

What Does Send Out Cards Sell?

Send Out Cards is not your typical MLM company, if we look solely at the products they offer. Send Out Cards sell a variety of cards for a variety of occasions. Such includes greeting cards, congratulations cards, get well soon cards, or even post cards with simple missives. While quite simple products, these cards do have a market and are no seasonal merchandise.

How Can You Earn Money from Send Out Cards?

To make money with Send Out Cards, you will first need to become a distributor. To become one, you will need to purchase a Send Out Cards Distributor Kit. This will cost you from $195 to $795, depending on the size of the marketing bundle. You can avail of the following kits:

  • The $195 Personal Bundle package will get you a customization tool called Custom Brand Manager, basic storage (50 campaigns, 250 saved cards, 500 photos, 1,500 contacts, and unlimited card history), and 100 bonus points that you can use to purchase and send out cards and gifts from your account.
  • The $395 Marketing Bundle package will get you far more than the $195 bundle. Here, you will receive a First Impressions Kit which is a smaller package that comes with the Custom Brand Manager, six signature series card designs, and six custom card back templates. It will also come with a series of training videos that you can access via the MRM Training Portal, a personal handwriting font, four custom signatures, 200 bonus points, the Startup Campaign Value Pack which includes two ready-to-send campaigns, and the SOC Memory Vault which provides additional storage on top of the Basic Storage.
  • The $795 Business Bundle package which includes the First Impressions Kit, the 3x MRM Training Portal with more educational content, a multiuser account suitable for small teams or large organizations,  a personal handwriting font, four custom signatures, 400 bonus points, the SOC Memory Vault with unlimited storage, and the Startup Campaign Value Pack that includes the 7-Touch Special Occasions Campaign for special occasions and the 5-Touch Business Follow-Up Campaign to help you touch bases with your clients.
  • A monthly subscription that will cost you $39 per month. This will include basic storage and will earn you 100 bonus points monthly. This subscription can be cancelled at any time, which is a good thing.

Once you qualify as a distributor, you can now start sending cards to customers for a fee. You will earn a 20% commission from this. Take note, however, that to retain your qualified distributor status, you will need to fulfill a monthly sales quota.

The above packages will also provide you with means to recruit people into your downline, in the form of ten preferred customer accounts that you can just give away to whoever is interested in getting discounts for their Send Out Cards purchases, or would like to start their own business. The company’s business is quite ambiguous in this regard, describing preferred customer accounts as a means for customers to send greeting cards to their family or friends while pitching it as a business opportunity. Activating two preferred customers within your first week will net you a $50 bonus. If your preferred customers do likewise, they will receive $50 bonuses themselves while you get a $140 bonus.

Is Send Out Cards a Worthy Investment?

While greeting cards have a market, it’s not exactly a commodity that you should expect to sell like hot cakes. As such, it may be difficult for some to meet the monthly sales requirement and make big commissions as a result. In fact, 62% of the company’s distributors are reportedly unable to make commissions at all. Furthermore, Send Out Cards is quite tight lipped when it comes to data of other distributors in your area. As such, it will be hard for you to study your competition in order to improve your own business and campaigns. Beyond the training videos, you are essentially left on your own.

While commissions are earned through sales, the compensation scheme also appears to lean a bit more in the recruitment side of the business. This means that, if you want to make big money, you might as well just focus on recruiting distributors and helping your distributors make their own recruits. This, however, will just turn the whole thing into just another pyramid scheme.

In any case, Send Out Cards is not a scam. If you sell or make recruits, you get paid. However, selling greeting cards is a little tricky, and it appears that there is more incentive in making recruits than selling cards. While Send Out Cards is not going to rip you off, it veers very closely to the pyramid scheme territory, and you really can’t depend on selling the company’s products to make money. Send Out Cards is definitely worth a try, although there are other, better opportunities that you might want to explore as well.

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Kyani Review – Is It Legit?

If you are looking for a way where you can have both health and wealth, you will find it through multilevel marketing companies such as Kyani. There are not a lot of promising MLM companies these days. However, the one that is being featured in this review is one of the longstanding firms that you can find online. This review will guide you through what makes a legit MLM company and will provide the necessary information to help you decide if it is a legit business opportunity. What is included in this evaluation is the general structure of the company, as well as its top network marketing products and services.

The Company

The Kyani website is popular because it receives 27,000 searches every month from Google. That is just from one search engine, and people use other means to reach out to this company that launched in 2005. Since then, it has been going strong and it has continued to grow.

Considering how many businesses fail in the initial stages of launching, this company is not just surviving. It is doing very well in the MLM industry. The network marketing company focuses on one of the popular and lucrative niches, which is health and wellness. Its network marketing makes use health beverages, supplements, as well as food.

Most multi level marketing companies that are focusing on the health and wellness niche are springing up. This is partly because most people, especially the ones born in the fifties, are going into retirement. Health products and services are growing more popular with them. Since health products are easily consumed commodities, customers will buy them regularly and it will lead to more profits.

However, it can be challenging to make the health products stand out. The health products must deliver and they should offer something new. The market place can get competitive because there are other network marketing companies that also venture in the health and wellness market. Another thing to consider is your competition within the company. The people who sell products offered by Kyani already have experience. If you have your own website, you can boost your chances of earning a commission.

The Products

Because this company offers a profitable business opportunity, the offered products must be competent as well. It has to be effective because no one likes to invest in exaggerated claims. Kyani has 4 main products that have reasonable offers.

The first one is the Kyani Sunset, which will help your body absorb nutrients. It contains vitamins, minerals, and omega 3’s. Another product is the Kyani Sunrise, which has a blend of the 22 Superfoods and provides 10 essential vitamins and 74 minerals. The last one is the Kyani Nitro.  It helps repair and defend every cell in the body and it is unique because it has nitric oxide. There is also a Kyani Nitro Xtreme, but it contains more vitamins compared to the Kyani Nitro.

The retailed prices and distributor’s prices of each product vary. Although the prices can be a little steep, especially for the Kyani Nitro Xtreme, many have experienced positive results after using the products. The profit margins might not make you rich overnight, but if you sell several products, you can make a decent living out of this business opportunity.


Kyani Business Advantages and Disadvantages


The products are equally competitive. All the ingredients are known for giving many health benefits. It boosts your immune system, and helps people keep fit.

They also have a good compensation plan. Since it is a network marketing company after all, you will also get commissions. However, you will get them only when you refer a member. For some, it can be a disadvantage.

The process of earning commissions can be a disadvantage because if you are not the type who can get members easily, you will find it difficult to earn with this type of business. It requires you to recruit other people under you at all cost.

Another disadvantage is the cost since the products are expensive. Joining this company requires the budget to invest in Kyani products. If you do not have the funds for it, then it will be difficult to get started.

Selling the products also calls for effective people skills. You need to know how to pitch an offer. If you are not comfortable getting rejected or persuading someone to buy from you, it is much better to explore other network marketing categories.

Finding Success with Kyani

For some, you can find success if you join Kyani while others do not share the same opinion. Your success depends on what you are looking for. Their products require a big budget and effective people skills. If you have access to these ingredients to getting a sizeable commission, then this is the type of marketing that you should be a part of.

Another challenge you have to face is finding a way to sell the products and recruiting members into the business. It can be difficult to focus on both tasks. You need to focus on just one, and it is much better to put more effort in getting more members.

Marketing the Products

A website will be provided to you, but you have to put in effort when it comes to driving traffic towards it and getting it ranked. The details on the website is very general, and you cannot even tweak or make changes to it. The website will not be enough to help you with your marketing efforts.

However, you can check if you have made any sales using their back office. You can also use their info materials, but they will not provide you with training. If you are looking for quality training, you have to adjust your expectations.

Overall, it is a legit company where you can earn commissions if you have the budget for it as well as the skills needed to market and sell their main products. If you found this review helpful and want to find an easier way to make money, simply click on the following link and see what it has to offer.


Is Norwex Legit? – A Thorough Review

If you are interested in making money online and are looking for opportunities that makes this possible, chances are that you have come across one of the many multilevel marketing (MLM) companies advertising themselves on the Internet. Of the many MLM companies out there, you may have come across the Norwegian company Norwex. This company not only promises to rid your home of harmful chemicals, but also empower you financially and character-wise if you decide to sign up as a Norwex consultant.

Now you may have come across this blog in search of at least one impartial Norwex review, and there doesn’t appear to be many out there. This dearth in reviews is enough to raise the suspicions of the more savvy opportunity seekers, many of whom sees the money-making opportunity offered by Norwex as one that is too good to be true. For certain, though, you’ve made the right decision to click on the link heading to this post. here, we will reviewing Norwex. Is it a legitimate business? Does its products work? Is the compensation worth all the hard work that you might expect from an MLM company? We will do our best to provide answers to these questions and more.

What Is Norwex?

Norwex is a Norwegian company whose foundations revolve around the premise of a home that is “Clean without Chemicals.” As you can probably guess, this company deals with cleaning items manufactured using natural materials, as opposed to mainstream cleaning products that are made with synthetic compounds and potentially hazardous chemicals. This is to further the company’s goal to rid homes of chemicals and negate their potentially harmful effects, all in an effort to turn one’s home into a safer haven, and benefiting the environment on the side.

Here’s a bit of history on the company. Norwex was founded on 1994. Thanks to their “Clean without Chemicals”  concept and their multilevel marketing business model, the company was able to expand to Canada and the United States as of 1999. At present, the company boasts 20,000 distributors or “consultants,” as Norwex puts it, and this number certainly keeps growing due to the company’s continued practice of MLM. Norwex is currently being run by a rather sizeable leasership as well, which includes the company’s co-founder Bjorn Nicolisen and his associates Amelia Spolec, Amy Cadora, Debbie Bolton, Eivind Schackt, Judy Letain, Kristi Hubbard, and Peter Cartwright.

What Does Norwex Offer?

Norwex manufactures and offers a huge variety of cleaning products made of natural materials. This includes bath essentials like soap and shampoo, cleaning liquids, cleaning pastes, descalers, detergents, dishwashers, dryer balls, microbfiber cloths like their trademarked EnviroCloth, kitchen cloths, mats, mitts, mops, window cloths, and pretty much everything else that would fit the category “clean.” All of these products are made of natural materials, and it helps that the company avoids synthetic additives like the plague. However, they lean a little bit on the pricey side, with the cheaper products costing around $15.

Now the presence of products is the mark of a legitimate business, as products simply show that a company has an actual source of revenue. This is in contrast to what we know as Ponzi schemes and pyramid scams. Both of these “business” models rely on the flow of money coming from investors, the distribution of which increases as the money gets to the top of the company’s hierarchy. In other words, no money gets to the bottom of the food chain, unless they are able to invite their own investors, the investments of whom is where they will be getting their cut. Combine that with the fact that Norwex has been around for a no less than 20 years now, and we can conclude at this point that the company is legitimate and offers real products.

Norwex products are usually sold at the usual house parties. However—good news to work-at-home folks—the company also allows for the possibility to sell their products online.

What About Norwex’s MLM Model?

As with most businesses that practice the multilevel marketing approach, Norwex rewards their distributors with commissions from sales as well as the number of people that you have recruited or sponsored into the network. Norwex, however, goes beyond that and offers prospecting distributors several options to earn money.

First and most basic of these is Norwex’s retail sales system. In this scheme, you get to sell Norwex products in any way you can and earn a very reasonable 35% commission for every sale. This opens up the possibility for you to sell Norwex products online, and not worry about hosting house parties or take up the career of a traveling salesman.

Next is the 4 Star Hosting Program, which is only applicable to folks hosting house parties. House parties, as all of us familiar with multilevel marketing knows, is—excuse me for being blunt—pretty much a glorified excuse to get people to hear sales pitches. That said, in this program, you will be rewarded with a bonus in accordance to the number of people that have purchased your Norwex products during the house party. The bonus usually comes in the form of cleaning products.

Lastly, you can earn through referral commissions. This does not require you to make sales, but you will need to learn to invite people to sign up as a Norwex consultant if you wish to make big money. This is because your income depends on the sales made by distributors in your downline. As they make sales, you receive a small cut from the profits. The commissions increase as you go up Norwex’s MLM hierarchy.

Signing up to Norwex’s marketing network, however, will require a rather hefty investment of $200. The money pays for your very own starter kit which contains basic Norwex products as well as all the info that you will need to get started in the business. The $200 also covers the taxes and shipping, so you won’t have to worry about making any further payments. You will also be provided with an initial 20 customer order forms. Should you opt to get more in order to sell to more people, you will have to pay $10 for an additional 100.

Now if you are looking to sell Norwex products online so as to be able to make money from home, you will need your very own website complete with the right credentials, high enough authority, and optimized well for the search engines. Norwex provides you with this option as well. It is basically a replica of the Norwex website under your name, through which you can sell the company’s products and earn commissions. The catch, however, is that you will need to pay $9 to $10 per month for the ownership of this site—a reasonable price, but an additional fee, regardless.

The fees don’t end there, even. Norwex encourages their distributors to purchase a demo kit for about $260. This is useful to people hosting house parties as it essentially helps the consultant demonstrate the effectiveness of Norwex cleaning products, but if you are looking to earn from home by selling the products online, this is completely unnecessary.

Being a Norwex consultant, however, means that you are bound to follow the requirements set by the company. They will be able to provide products at no cost, provided that you are able to make a sale of products worth at least $250 in three months. Otherwise, you will need to pay for the products yourself so as to be able to continue being a distributor.

To Conclude

Norwex is a legitimate company with real, decent products and a multilevel marketing business model that offers multiple options for you to earn commissions. The fact that the company allows for simple retail sales commissions and are able to provide you with your own site for a small fee means that you can practically make money with Norwex from the comforts of your home or pretty much any place where you can get a decent Internet connection. While the compensation plan is unavailable online, the fact that the company has over 20,000 consultants and is still growing likely means that the pay is simply worth all the trouble.

However, one thing that I’m not comfortable about Norwex is that signing up could mean going through a series of fees, starting with your initial $200 investment. One can easily recuperate all these payments through the commissions, however.

Overall, Norwex provides a great opportunity to work at home, or even earn passive income for that matter, and makes for a great money-making option for those who are looking to make money through MLM without leaving their homes.

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