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Primerica Online Review – Is It Legit?

If you are interested to know what primerica online is, but are not sure if it is legit or the right solution for your needs to earn, you have found the best place to start learning all about it. This review is also for you if you want to make sure that the company you will be joining is not a scam. You will be provided an honest opinion through this evaluation.

What is Primerica?

In its simplest sense, Primerica is an opportunity to make more money that many members of the family can join. It is a multi-level marketing company. It sells prepaid legal services, life insurance, auto insurance, mutual funds, other financial products and services. All you need to do is sign up with them and become a representative.

All you have to do is sign up with the company, and just like many marketing companies, you need to sell the services to your friends and family to earn a commission. If you want to grow your business, then you have to look for more people to recruit them. Once they have joined your ranks, the cycle begins again. The people you recruit will also sell the same service. Network marketing or MLM is all about the process and cycle of recruiting and selling products and services.

This business is all about sales and volume. You will earn money on this venture, and you can even make more money if you create more accounts under your name. The teams you have recruited can grow and grow. Some people have already become millionaires just by joining this company.

It can be a very difficult job, especially if you are not a people-person or you do not really like to be social. Multilevel marketing might not be for you if you do not like approaching people to pitch something or inform them of an offer that they might be interested in. In order to be successful in this kind of company, you need to know how to better manage, recruit, interact, and lead people. This is the best way you can achieve success in this type of company. Being a confident and approachable person will give you a lot of advantages in this type of marketing.

The leftover cash that continues to accumulate into thousands and even hundreds of thousands will help you in building an association of representatives that will believe in you and follow you. Being able to do this takes a bunch of expertise, diligent work, and time just like everything else that is worth having in life.

Since not a lot of people are successful with this type of industry, that is why the others who attempt to make money off it think that it is a scam. However, if you are willing to give it a try, and learn how to be good at being a positive and convincing influence on people, you might find success in this type of marketing. If you are the ideal person for this job, you will be able to get people to join and sell the type of products and services offered.

Advantages of Getting Primerica Training

One advantage of getting primerica training or joining the company is that you will be one of the fortunate ones to receive valuable service from them. They give importance to their clients since Primerica is a part of CITI, which is one of the largest and reliable banks in the world. CITI has a lot of different offers and financial products available. Primerica serves as a sales force that promotes a sizable number of their products.

The great thing about this company is that it is not simply another MLM without a goal. They aim to assist their clients by using what they already have, such as their income, to change their financial situation for the better. Their goal is to free up extra cash that can be allotted for other necessary purposes such as life savings or for a retirement fund. They can alter a mortgage and change it from a life insurance policy with a cash value to a term policy. They have already helped a client save money a month.

This amount of money saved is then used to show clients that not only can they save money, but also find better use for it. They can use it to save for retirement, for their child’s education, or as an investment in mutual funds.

Because of a computer program that helps them advise clients, they can hire almost anyone. Representatives of Primerica just have to feed specific information to the computer. Once the details of the financial situation of the client are uploaded, the system then produces a financial analysis sheet. The latter shows specifics about ways to save money and smart ways for the customers to make good use of the money.

Disadvantages of Knowing How to Join Primerica

With a great advantage, also comes some disadvantages even if you know how to join Primerica. It is still a multi-level marketing firm, even though it is also dedicated to helping its clients out and making their lives better. Many multi-level marketing firms, and not just Primerica, can make people who want to join them feel pressured. That can be a deal breaker for some and could give a negative impression about the company overall. Feeling coerced to do something is never a positive experience and that is how a company can lose potential members.

The commission payouts are lower than other salespeople in the industry. My assumption is that since they aren’t looking for financial expertise when hiring, they can get away paying lower commissions. Many of the reps hired wouldn’t have the credentials to work many other places in the industry. The representatives that they manage to hire not really have the qualifications to work in other sales industries.

There are other pros and cons, and the best way to find out about them is to give this company a try. Overall, this company is one of the more reputable MLM’s out there. It is well-known, but there is another reputable multi-level marketing. If you found this review helpful and if you are interested to learn more about earning money through another company, simply check out the following link.


Alpine Access Reviewed: Is it Another Scam?

Work from home jobs are usually the go to’s of most students and full time moms who wants to expedite their time and energy to earn money, while still doing their usual daily tasks, at the comforts of their home. There are a lot of websites and companies out there who offer work from home job positions and some companies also created a marketplace wherein the employer and freelancers may communicate and exchange service, one of them is Alpine Access.

Have you ever tried calling a customer service phone number when something went wrong on things you just have purchased or asked for a repair of a product that is still under warranty? There is a great chance that you are calling a customer care support outsourced by Alpine Access.

In this article we are going to tackle Alpine Access, after reading this article you will learn if this company is a good company to invest your time and effort to expand your skills and earn a great amount of money that tantamount your efforts.

What is Alpine Access

Alpine Access is a growing callcenter outsourcing company that is based in Denver, Colorado. They give this unique opportunity, not to mention the numerous amount of jobs, to hire work from home call center agents from the United States and Canada. Alpine Access only hire from 40 out of 52 states across the United States of America.

Alpine Access’ goal is to eliminate the costs of the maintenance of an in-house customer service center so they provided home-based trained representatives that covers a gamut of time zones, skill sets and languages who’ll provide great customer service.

What is special about Alpine Access besides hiring you to work from home is that they give great benefit packages that includes healthcare. Alpine Access hire you as their employee, this means they do not hire you as self-employed or as a freelancer.

Alpine Access started in 1998 and has handled their employee recruitment through phone calls and online. You can apply with them online by sending them an online application and you will be scheduled for a follow up interview via phone call. Just like any other company you should be very honest throughout the application process, because their last step is a professional background check of your past employments and credit checks.

Alpine Access conducts a very in-depth application process for their applicants. This is for their company’s security and for them to provide the best customer care service across the world. This highly secured process is not only for the company’s and its clients best interests, but also for yours.

However, Alpine Access will ask you to pay $45 for the background and credit check. This is non-refundable and depending on the results there will be a chance that you might not even get the job.

This may look like you are being scammed, but in Alpine Access, they would buy background check packages ranging from $50 to $150 and if they want a more detailed background check the packages would range between $200 to $500. In conclusion, Alpine Access is not a scam, just doing honest security vetting.

What are the types of work from home job positions Alpine Access offers?

Alpine Access offers a variety of work from home job opportunities in areas like customer service, services, healthcare support, financial, media and entertainment, video gaming support, member-based organizations, retail, technology, telecommunications, travel and hospitality and any other support. Most of these job opportunities have full time positions, but they also offer part time positions as well.

No worries about sales or outbound telemarketing, because all calls are inbound calls. Alpine Access is an English only call center although they also offer job positions on bilingual work. Furthermore, Alpine Access offer their employees who have worked at least 1,000 work hours, medical, dental and vision plans. They also give free training for their employees, all covered by Alpine Access. You will be trained using CCP clients software. You are given 3 days to 10 weeks of training.

How much is the Pay?

Call customer care representatives who work for this company are usually paid around $9 per hour (on and off the phone). This is way different from other virtual call centers who only pay their representatives for the time they spend on the phone with a customer. Alpine Access pay through direct deposit to your bank account. They pay their representatives every two weeks.

Alpine Access work at home customer care agent computer requirements

To be suitable for Alpine Access’ customer care agent, your computer must be able to smoothly run several software needed for this position. Thus, your computer should meet the following requirements and you should own the following devices:

  • Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Window 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • A Minimum of 20 GB free hard drive space
  • A minimum of 2 GB RAM
  • Any Anti-Virus or Spyware program
  • Good quality speakers or headphones to clearly hear the audio
  • Sound card
  • Good Quality mic so the customer can hear you clearly

Alpine Access’ application process usually takes one to two weeks and then you are going to be emailed to have you scheduled for a phone interview depending on your availability. If your phone interview goes smooth and successful you are going to offered a position. Once you are okay with the position offered, Alpine Access’ HR department will conduct a background and credit check that costs $45 which will be billed to you.

Negative thoughts about Alpine Access

Although I can’t say Alpine Access is a perfect company for aspiring customer care agents like you. No company is perfect. A rose also have its thorns. Your schedule will change frequently meaning you have to be very flexible of your time with work and life.

They pay is not that big, but still okay when you’re just trying to earn extra. In Alpine Access, getting a pay raise might take a while depending on your client. Some clients expects you to work for them for 3000 hours or more before they decide to give you a raise and other incentives for your hardwork.

Some employees of Alpine Access (from some of their employees who post their personal experience as Alpine Access’ employee) feel unappreciated as a customer care professional by their clients. Although regarding this matter, it is just a minute percentage.

Here are also some stories and experiences based from Alpine Access’ employees and former employees themselves: This may help you decide whether to apply or not to this company.


  • A former employee of October 2017 was promised a job and it lasted a few weeks until AT&T pulled out their contract and hundreds were left without a job. The former employee does not recommend Alpine Access because he felt that they do not care about their employees.
  • Another former employee of September 2017 felt he was undervalued. There is not much financial motivation for success because the contract you signed can end at any time. There can never be any permanent section in there because everyone has been moved around all over the place. The former employee says Alpine Access is a good place for a temporary job.
  • Another former employee of September 2017 has a contrasting view from the first two. This former employee believes Alpine Access is a nice place to work for. Programs are a longer period of time makes that former employee feel more secured because there is not much switching around.
  • Another former employee of August 2017 feels very comfortable in working for Alpine Access. He enjoyed taking incoming calls, assisting customers with accounts and concerns about products and services all at the comforts of that former employee’s home. He loves to work in the most convenient and quiet place, where the former employee doesn’t have to worry about the long commute, which is their home.
  • Another former employee of July 2017 feels 50:50 when it comes to the former employee’s work experience with Alpine Access. They were given an intense training which gave them a great amount of information that they need to use when answering customer queries. However, this particular employee felt they were given a slight disadvantage by their trainer because their trainer was a first timer in training teams. Not all information needed for the job was given. For example the information they need because a credit card company’s way of doing business change from time to time and they have to give customers more information on their bills. This former employee answered questions, processed payments, add authorized users to accounts, process fraud complaints and give any other information the customers need because they deserve the best customer care every time. All of these are hard to obtain when you were not trained right.

⁃          Pros: “Work at home. Strong management support from team leader.”
⁃          Cons: “Incomplete training, inability to select work shift.”
As I’ve said earlier not all their employees work effortlessly fine in their company. Sometimes there are just unfortunate circumstances regarding the client these employees are outsourced to. Some employers are lucky to be outsourced to wonderful clients and some are not so lucky with their assigned clients. Furthermore, when it comes to a security of landing a job once hired in Alpine Access more likely you are going to have a job assignment.

As per companies who offer work from home jobs. Alpine Access is a legitimate company. Compared to other company out there (like being a freelancer on a choose your own client at your own risk kind of websites) you could do far more worse than joining this company.

Alpine Access’ pay will not make you rich, but it is decent enough to support some of your needs. Just some.  Did you learn something from this review of the company called Alpine Access? If you want to learn more and learn about the best offers available online simply follow this link


Earn Money Online Tips and Ideas

The internet has become a proven way to earn money today. As a matter of fact, many people have opted to do full-time online jobs than office or traditional jobs. One of the contributing factors to this particular money-making trend is that businesses these days have started to consider the internet as a very powerful and useful means to operate and get things done. This is something that many of those who earn cash online are taking full advantage of.

If you want to earn money online, below are some helpful tips and ideas to make money quick that you may want to consider.

Make Money Online by Doing Online Marketing and Advertising

Earn MoneyThere are billions of internet users that surf the internet every day. In the coming years, this number is expected to increase even more. This multitude of people makes the internet an ideal medium for marketing and advertising campaigns. Thus, if you want to make money free online, then you might as well start online marketing and advertising.

One of the ways to make money from online marketing and advertising is to look for businesses or employers in need of people to market or advertise their company, product or service. You can either work on an established campaign or you can also propose your own campaign. Either ways, you would still get paid and earn money for the tasks that you have accomplished.

Create and Market Your Own Website to Get an Online Income

On the other hand, if you do not really want to work for anyone, you can also earn money by creating a very good website and accepting ads on your website. You just have to make sure that your website is catchy enough to earn the interests of many internet users. The goal is for your website to become virtually popular to gain more ads.

Earn Cash Online through Selling

Aside from online marketing and advertising, another superb way to make money online is by selling different items. If you are good at selling something, then the internet is an excellent market place to do this kind of activity.

The good thing about selling items online is that you have a very huge audience and you can sell just about anything that you want to sell. You can earn from selling new or used items. Furthermore, you can make use of popular online shops like Ebay or Amazon or you can also create your own online shop. You actually have plenty of options when it comes to selling things online.

Selling things online is not only a very good means to earn money, but it can also serve as a training ground for bigger business ventures in the future. You can learn several things from selling online. You can learn how to effectively promote and sell products and how to manage your time and resources.

The ideas listed above are just few of the money-making opportunities that you can do to earn an income online. There are many others that you can basically do to earn money through the use of the internet. Just never forget to learn as much as you can from every experience and to have fun along the way.